Innovative Health Products - $6,315 deposit taken no product delivered.


Buyer Beware

Regarding doing business with Innovative Health Products and their parent company GeoPharma Inc.

Our company had products manufactured by Innovative Heath and their parent company GeoPharma Inc. We contacted Victoria Travers in August of 2009 about making another 3000 units of our custom product. Ms. Travers insisted on a 50% deposit. Sadly, we sent a check and did not use American Express, which would have reversed the transaction if we had understood how in trouble this company was. We later discovered, the company was in no position to make this natural dietary supplement for us and had suspended their production line.

We had requested a completion date of 6 weeks at the time we submitted our PO. Ms. Victoria Travers assured us this would not be a problem.

When 6 weeks came and went, we began the goose chase of calling, leaving messages, emailing Ms. Victoria Travers. She was always in a meeting, out of town, or would get back to us. If we did manage to get through to her, which only occurred whenever we would say we were someone else looking to do NEW business, she would tell us it was in production or they were waiting for one or more of the ingredients or that she was checking on it.

Since getting this product made requires multiple steps and techniques, we were not prepared to find a new company and were already behind schedule on delivering this product to one of our overseas customers.

After months of chasing Ms. Victoria Travers, we finally asked what they needed to get this done. Mrs. Victoria Travers instructed us to purchase one of the main ingredients ourselves since they were having problems getting it (their account had been frozen for non-payment). We ordered the main ingredient, had it expressed shipped to by Innovative Heath and their parent company GeoPharma Inc.

After it arrived there, we got a notice through google search tags that Innovative Heath and their parent company GeoPharma Inc. had their stock suspended because it fell below the standards of the Dow and was then listed as a otc stock.

After many heated conversation with Ms. Victoria Travers about the deposit, and the ingredient we had shipped to them, and the labels we had supplied, we opted to have another company make the product and had the ingredient picked up (apparently their shipping department was still operational right up until they stopped payroll in mid-December 2009).

According to Ms. Victoria Travers our concerns were being taken up with the Dr. Sekharam Kotha and Mihir Taneja, founders and controlling Board Officers of Innovative Health Products and their parent company GeoPharma Inc.

We were then referred to Ms. Susan Bongiovanni, Corporate Controller for Innovative Health Products and their parent company GeoPharma Inc. Ms. Susan Bongiovanni, through a series of emails and telephone conversations, offered to send us 50% of our original deposit, or $3157.50 in early Dec. of 2009. The check bounced.

What we learned about Florida is that they do not think anything their own companies do is illegal if it is done to a small out of state company. What we learned about the then Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray was that he seemed more interested in suing business, but only Ohio business on behalf of consumers and not protecting small Ohio businesses.

Conversations with attorneys in Ohio and Florida convinced us that the deceit and thievery of Innovative Health Products and their parent company GeoPharma Inc. would only cause us to throw good money on top of our loss of $6315.00 deposit.

As of today, we still have not received any part of our deposit and have only incurred banking fees related to the over draft.

However, if you ever need to do business with these companies or people BEWARE.

Dr. Sekharam Kotha

Mihir Taneja

Victoria Travers (currently with Ion Labs)

Susan Bongiovanni

Monetary Loss: $6315.

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